X-Ray Technician Schools in AZ: Top Picks

There are six X-ray technician schools in AZ where students can earn an X-ray technician certificate or an Associate Degree in X-ray technology. They are listed below with information from their mission statements or website.

· Arizona Western College has a program that is comprehensive competency-based. Students prepare to take the National Registry Examination.

· Central Arizona College provides an environment that stimulates and challenges its students intellectually. Competency-Based education focuses on patient needs.

· GateWay Community College in Phoenix is committed to the education and preparation of competent entry-level technicians. The college prepares technicians to provide quality patient care and imaging of high quality.

· The Pima Community College program guides students to demonstrate clinical competency requirements delivered professionally. It also ensures that students are consistent with values of radiologic professional institutions.

· Pima Medical Institute, Tucson students learn skills necessary to provide diagnostic imagery of high quality. A Bachelor’s Degree offered gives academic insight, allowing imagery to be understood and evaluated.

· Pima Medical Institute in Mesa on Dobson has some of health care education’s most sophisticated labs. Unique, hands-on opportunities provided by instructors dedicated to the success of their students.

How To Get Certified in Arizona

To be licensed to practice in Arizona, radiologist assistants must pass the American Registry of Technologists exam. Radiation Therapy professionals, Mammography professionals, and Radiography technicians are required to pass the AART exam or a state-issued exam in their field either. Nuclear Medicine practitioners must pass a state-issued exam or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board exam. A state-approved course must be completed. Limited License X-ray professionals must pass the AART field exam.

Salaries for Certified X-ray Technicians in Arizona

The demand for X-ray technicians is high. Public and private hospitals and radiological experts need qualified X-ray technicians. The average salary of a technician is between $49,000 and $73,000 per year.

The municipal location has a bearing on the salary. The same job pays $60,000 in Prescott and $48,840 in Tucson. Arizona’s average salary for X-ray technicians is higher than the national average of $40,710. Salaries are not within the top five states. Maryland holds the honor of the highest average salary at $48,820.

Job Outlook for X-ray Technicians in Arizona

Most X-ray technology graduates end up working as X-ray technicians. Those planning to work in Arizona have a good chance of securing employment. There are a little over 5,000 X-ray technicians currently practicing in the state. The government has predicted the number will be pushed to 6,000 by 2018.

As stated above, employment can be found in hospitals or with radiological experts. Physician and public health clinics and diagnostic centers are also looking for X-ray technicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has made known X-ray technicians responsibilities are rapidly growing.

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