Top X-Ray Technician Schools in Alaska

The state of Alaska is experiencing a shortage of X-ray technicians, so here’s what you need to know to become one and enter this growing field in a remote and beautiful state.

Find Accredited X-Ray Technician Schools in Alaska

There are only two schools in Alaska that has an accredited X-ray technician training program. The first is the University of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska. There are a maximum of 12 to 16 students in the program in Anchorage. This is due to the limited number of clinical rotations available in Anchorage. The other is in the University of Alaska’s Southeast branch in Fairbanks, Alaska. Students must complete the prerequisite courses and going through a personal interview to be considered for the program in Fairbanks.

How To Get Certified in Alaska

Currently, the state of Alaska does not require X-ray technicians to be licensed to work in the state. But most hospitals and medical facilities want to hire X-ray techs that are certified by the American Registry of X-Ray Technicians, known as ARRT for short. To get certified by the ARRT, X-ray technicians must have graduated from an accredited radiologic technology program, such as the ones offered by the University of Alaska. Then they must apply to the board and pass the ARRT exam. Certified X-ray technicians must renew their license every two years by either going through the application process again or taking 24 credit hours of continuing education. X-ray techs in Alaska usually have an associate’s degree.

Salaries For Certified X-Ray Technicians In Alaska

In Alaska, the average salary range for an X-ray technician is between $52,000 and $64,870 a year. The average salary listed on X-ray tech job postings in this state is 15% lower than the national average. These salaries are likely to rise as the technician’s years of experience go up. Salaries are likely to be higher in the cities and lower in rural areas, like many parts of the Alaskan wilderness. In Anchorage, Alaska, the average x-ray tech salary was $68,880 in 2012.

Job Outlook For X-Ray Technicians In Alaska

The number of X-Ray technicians employed in Alaska is about 410 to 431, so it is a highly competitive field in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United State Department of Labor projects that the nationwide number of X-Ray technician jobs will grow 21% from 2012 to 2022, which is faster than the average for most jobs. The projected growth is due to an aging population that will experience an increase in medical conditions, including ones that require X-rays to diagnose. The projected job growth for X-ray techs in Alaska is 30.9% from 2010 to 2020.

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