Top X-Ray Technician Schools in Rhode Island

The first step for those interested in pursuing a career as an x-ray technician in Rhode Island is to attend an institution that has an accredited program. In Rhode Island, the schools that offer these courses are Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick and Rhode Island College in Providence. The kinds of classes that are generally part of the necessary training include medical terminology, radiation biology, radiation protection, anatomy, physiology, patient care, imaging techniques, radiographic procedures, pathology, disease detection, lab work and clinical courses. A student may complete the program with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and may decide to specialize in one or more types of imaging.

How To Get Certified in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island requires practicing x-ray technicians to be licensed. To obtain this license, first a student must successfully complete an accredited program. Then the student will be eligible to take a certification exam from the American Registry of X-Ray Technicians (ARRT), the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB), or the Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA). Once certified, the individual can then apply to the Department of Health, submitting the appropriate fees. The license needs to be renewed every two years, along with 24 hours of continuing education credits, two of which must be in radiation protection.

Salaries For Certified X-Ray Technicians In Rhode Island

Practicing x-ray technicians in Rhode Island can expect to earn a salary in one of the following ranges. The low end of the pay scale is from $44,636 to $63,459, with a median salary of $53,484. The middle range falls somewhere between $45,113 to $64,138, with a median salary of $54,057. The higher end of the pay scale is from $48,256 to $67,957, with a median salary of $57,544. There are multiple factors that influence the salary of a technician, including equipment training, educational achievement, prior work experience and whether employment is in a rural or urban area.

Job Outlook For X-Ray Technicians In Rhode Island

The job outlook for x-ray technicians in Rhode Island is good. It is expected to continue in an upward growth trend, with the demand for certified technicians increasing. Jobs are found in dental offices, physician offices, hospitals, labs and chiropractic offices. Newly licensed x-ray techs are likely to find employment that will allow them to achieve advancement as they gain experience and additional education. The projected increase in job availability in Rhode Island through 2016 is 12 percent.

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X-Ray Technician Campuses In Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI, 02865-4585
Rhode Island Hospital3 Davol Square
Building A - 4th Floor
Providence, RI, 02903