Top X-Ray Technician Schools in New Hampshire

Finding Accredited X-Ray Technician Schools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has two schools offering accredited programs for training future X-ray technicians. The first is Lebanon College in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The program includes three clinical rotations at different medical facilities, during which students work 32 to 40 hours a week. Of the two, this school is the more expensive one, but has far fewer students. The next school is the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, New Hampshire. The program lasts 80 credit hours. Students are chosen for the program based on their GPA, personal essays, interviews, and an observation in a radiology department in a local hospital.

How To Get Certified in New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not actually require that X-ray techs have a license or register to work in the state. However, most employers expect their prospective X-ray technicians to be certified by either the American Registry of X-Ray Technicians, also know, as the ARRT, or another credentialing body, like the American Registry of Clinical Radiographic Technologists, which is abbreviated ARCRT. To be certified by the ARRT, students must pass their test, which they may apply to up to three months before they graduate the X-ray tech program they are in. X-ray techs must renew their ARRT certification every two years.

Salaries For Certified X-Ray Technicians In New Hampshire

The average salary range for an X-ray technician in New Hampshire is between $58,020 and $61,000 a year. The average salary listed on X-ray technician job postings in New Hampshire is only 2% lower than the national average. These salaries are likely to rise as the technician’s years of experience go up. Salaries are likely to be higher in the cities and lower in rural areas. In Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, the average annual salary for X-ray techs was $59,250 in 2012, while in the smaller city of Portsmouth, it was $58,000 the same year.

Job Outlook For X-Ray Technicians In New Hampshire

The number of X-Ray technicians employed in New Hampshire is between 880 and 1,050. Demand for X-ray techs has remained fairly steady over the past few years. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of X-Ray technician jobs nationally will grow 21% from 2012 to 2022. This is faster than the average for all jobs. This projected growth is due to an aging population that will lead to an increase in medical issues, such as ones that will require X-rays to diagnose. The projected job growth for New Hampshire X-ray techs is 20.2% from 2010 to 2020, which is right in line with the national growth for X-ray technicians.

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X-Ray Technician Campuses In New Hampshire

Lebanon College15 Hanover Street
Lebanon, NH, 03766