Top X-Ray Technician Schools in Nevada

Finding Accredited X-Ray Technician Schools in Nevada

For an individual who’s interested in becoming a certified x-ray technician in Nevada, the first step is to find a school that offers an accredited program so that the student can earn a degree that will qualify them to take the certification exam. Institutions that offer courses include University of Nevada in Las Vegas; Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas; Northwest Health Careers in Las Vegas; Great Basin College in Elko; Las Vegas College in Henderson; and College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Some of the courses that students will receive training in include principles of imaging, radiation protection, physics and medical terminology.

How To Get Certified in Nevada

Nevada is a state that requires a practicing x-ray technician to be licensed and certified. The process starts with earning a degree through an accredited program. Then the student will be eligible to take an exam to become certified by the ARRT, or American Registry of X-Ray Technicians. Then an application can be submitted to the Nevada Bureau of Health Protection Services, along with proof of successful registry with the ARRT. A license needs to be renewed every three years and 15 continuing education credits have to be completed; six must be related to each mammographic modality that is used by the licensee.

Salaries For Certified X-Ray Technicians In Nevada

The lower range of expected annual salary for a certified x-ray tech in the state of Nevada is $42,308 to $60,149, with a median salary of $50,695. The middle range is somewhere between $42,508 and $60,434, with a median salary of $50,935. The highest salary range falls between $44,094 and $62,689, with a median salary of $52,836. Actual pay rate varies and is based on a multitude of factors. These include things such as amount of experience, the type of radiography the technician works with, the level of education achieved and whether employment is in an urban or rural area.

Job Outlook for X-Ray Technicians in Nevada

The overall job market outlook is for a positive growth trend that is expected to continue. Most graduates who earn certification as an x-ray technician in Nevada will be able to find employment quickly and are likely to have good opportunity for career advancement. Many of the available positions continue to be in places like hospitals and medical treatment offices, but other possibilities include chiropractic offices and labs. The projections are that job growth in this field will continue to increase.

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X-Ray Technician Campuses In Nevada

College of Southern Nevada6375 West Charleston Boulevard W1A
Las Vegas, NV, 89146
Pima Medical Institute-Las Vegas3333 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89121
Truckee Meadows Community College7000 Dandini Boulevard
Reno, NV, 89512-3999
University of Nevada, Las Vegas4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 453017
Las Vegas, NV, 89154-3017